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March 2014 Archives

Drug allegations cost woman her kids in custody dispute

In Colorado, allegations of drug abuse by a parent can have devastating consequences for that parent in a child custody dispute. Allegations of lying to the court about drug use will only make things worse. A New York woman found this out the hard way when she lost custody of her children recently.

Alimony can help a stay-at-home spouse get back on their feet

Colorado residents who've been through a divorce know that the financial adjustment can be a challenge, to say the least. This is especially so for a former spouse who elected to put a career on hold to stay home and care for the children. The story of one woman provides a good illustration of how tough it can be to reenter the workforce.

Judge rules billionaire's stock is non-marital property

In Colorado, property obtained during the marriage by either spouse is considered marital property, and is divided equitably between the parties. Property either spouse brought to the marriage is separate property. Separate property is not divided in a divorce; it remains the separate property of its owner. Just how important this distinction can be was illustrated recently in the divorce case of oil billionaire Howard Hamm.

How to protect college savings in the property division

Colorado parents going through a divorce have a lot to think about. If the kids are young, child custody, visitation and child support issues are probably foremost in the parents' minds. But parents also need to think about how they are going to pay for college-whether the kids' college years are just around the corner or a long way off.