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May 2015 Archives

How can Colorado courts prevent parental abduction of a child?

In a post last week, this blog discussed the case of a Colorado man who successfully fought to get his daughters back after their mother illegally removed them to Argentina. A Colorado parent involved in a custody dispute may wonder what he or she can do to prevent the other parent from illegally removing the child from the state.

Colorado dad, daughters reunited after international abduction

When a parent who is a foreign national removes the children from the U.S. in violation of a court order, it can be a legal nightmare for the parent left behind. A Colorado man knows this firsthand; he was only recently able to bring his two daughters home four and a half years after they were illegally abducted by their mother.

How are interstate child custody disputes resolved?

In our highly mobile society, it is very common for a divorced parent to leave Colorado and move to another state. If that parent seeks custody of their child, or a child custody modification, can they go to court in their new state?

Court dismisses appeal in high asset divorce case

In earlier posts this blog has commented on the high asset divorce of oil tycoon Harold Hamm. Colorado readers may be interested in the latest development in this long-running saga: the Oklahoma Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by Hamm's ex-wife challenging the asset division in the case.