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Many couples choose January as the month to divorce

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The holiday season is traditionally a time when families get together and celebrate. For some families this year, it was for the last time. Now that the holidays are over and the New Year is upon us, many spouses will file for divorce. January has historically been a month that sees a high level of divorce filings.

There are probably several reasons that January is a popular month to file for divorce. One divorce attorney interviewed for a news article has seen spouses make an effort to bring the family together for one last holiday season before breaking up. For others, getting a divorce is like a New Years’ resolution, a way to start the year with a change for the better.

For well-off couples, it may not be a good idea to rush into a divorce. Divorce is a big step in life and takes some preparation. In a high asset divorce, asset valuation and property division are often contentious issues. Particularly for those spouses who are not the one who looks after the finances, a vital first step before filing for divorce is to find out what assets and property interests the couple has. A spouse contemplating divorce should collect copies of important financial documents like tax returns, bank statements, retirement plan statements, and the like. It is also important to collect documentation regarding the couple’s debt, because debt is divided along with assets in a divorce.

It may be that January is a good month in which to file for divorce -if the spouse initiating the divorce is truly ready. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney can help a spouse prepare for a post-holiday marriage dissolution.

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