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Despite divorce, Jayne Seymour and husband focus on children

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In Colorado, courts are diligent in protecting the interests of children when their parents divorce. In child custody determinations, the courts apply a standard that puts the best interests of the child first. Unfortunately, too many parents do not apply the same standard when they get involved in a custody dispute. Too often the children end up in the middle as the parents take out their animosity toward each other by fighting over issues of visitation rights and parenting time.

Actress Jane Seymour, who recently announced her divorce from husband James Keach, showed a much more constructive attitude when she discussed the breakup of her 20-year marriage on a TV talk show. Seymour acknowledged that the divorce itself is devastating. But she stated that she and her husband are still friends, and that they are committed to being good parents to their twin sons, now 17.

This positive attitude is encouraging to see. Like it or not, divorced couples who have children must continue to work together to raise those children, even if they do it from separate homes. They can choose to make it a positive experience for the children if they are mature enough to put the anger and bitterness behind them and put the children first.

Child custody is the primary area where divorced couples must try to cooperate. Colorado courts take a number of issues into account when deciding custody issues. Among them are the way the parents’ interaction affects the child, and each parent’s willingness to encourage a loving and affectionate relationship between the child and the other parent. Parents who do not make a good impression on the court with regard to these factors run the risk of being denied the custody and visitation terms they seek. Showing the court that you are capable of cooperating with your ex-spouse on custody issues is not only in the best interests of the child, it is in the self-interest of each parent.

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