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Lindsey Lohan’s dad catches up on child support

On Behalf of | May 22, 2013 | Uncategorized |

Many Colorado readers have probably heard about the ongoing troubles of actress Lindsey Lohan. Recently her father, Michael Lohan, was in the news with some trouble of his own. It seems he fell behind in his child support obligations – to the tune of $30,422. Lohan, Sr. got out of hot water by writing a check in that amount to his ex-wife – after she brought a motion in court to have him held in contempt.

Lohan, Sr. was obligated to pay $1,500 per month for support of his minor children. He didn’t pay for a long time, and the delinquent payments kept adding up. Right now only one of his children is a minor, a boy aged 16. But the size of the bill suggests some of the past due amount was owed for support of Lindsey’s younger sister when she was a minor. She is now 19.

Mr. Lohan claims he stopped paying because he was unhappy with some unspecified things that were going on in his family. That, of course, is no excuse, and wouldn’t be an excuse in Colorado. News reports do not give any indication that Mr. Lohan was unable to pay his monthly obligation.

As this blog has noted before, Colorado provides a mechanism to modify child support payments if a parent is unable to make them. But simply refusing to pay child support will lead to serious penalties. Child support obligations are court-ordered, and disobeying a court order is the definition of contempt. It can lead to fines or jail time. A failure to pay child support can lead to garnishment of paychecks and bank accounts.

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