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Children of divorce more prone to compulsive spending

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Colorado parents are probably aware that a number of studies have shown that a parental divorce can have severe psychological effects on a child. Children of divorced parents are more likely to suffer from insomnia, depression and other emotional problems. Now a recent study has shown that a parental divorce can lead to another problem in adulthood: compulsive buying.

Compulsive buying is not the same thing as impulsive buying. The difference is lack of control: an impulsive buyer makes a decision to buy an item at the last minute without stopping to think whether they really need the item; the compulsive buyer is one who is unable to stop.

One of the researchers who helped author the study points out that children of divorce often experience a negative impact on their self-esteem. Their insecurity leads them to buy things that make them feel better. If this behavior continues it can lead to compulsive buying. Divorce in particular can cause children to experience a loss of material and financial security, which makes them particularly vulnerable to buying as a form of compensation.

Custody disputes are probably one of the leading causes of psychological stress for children whose parents are divorced or divorcing. There is a lot that the parents can do to lessen the emotional impact of the child custody process. Colorado courts in deciding child custody cases apply the standard of the what is in the best interests of the child. Perhaps the most important thing parents can do is make that their standard in trying to negotiate child custody and visitation rights, instead of focusing on their own needs or using a child custody dispute as a way to get back at the other spouse.

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