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NBA star Tim Duncan’s divorce finalized

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Colorado fans of pro basketball may be aware that Tim Duncan, power forward/center for the San Antonio Spurs, has been going through a divorce this year. Recently the divorce was finalized. In a somewhat unusual procedure, the hearing to finalize it was not held at the county courthouse in San Antonio, but in the offices of Tim Duncan’s attorney.

The couple met while both were in college at Wake Forest University. He was a star on the basketball team and she was a cheerleader. He was the first overall pick in the 1997 NBA draft. Drafted by the Spurs, he has been with the team since. The couple were married in 2001. They have two children, a boy and a girl. Amy Duncan initiated the divorce proceedings in March of this year.

The judge in the case said the hearing was conducted off-site mainly to respect the couple’s privacy. The judge believed a hearing at the courthouse might be disruptive; the couple was concerned that paparazzi and autograph-seekers might hound them as they entered and left. No advance notice of the hearing was given to the public, but none is required when a hearing is held, as it was here, simply to confirm an agreement the parties have reached out of court. So far, no information has been released regarding the terms of the divorce.

In a high asset divorce like this, the couple’s lawyers undoubtedly spent a lot of time working out the asset division. In Colorado, marital property – property acquired by either spouse during the marriage – is divided equitably. Had the Duncans’ divorce taken place in Colorado, Amy Duncan would have been entitled to an equitable share of most of her husband’s NBA earnings, since they were married for 12 of the 16 years of his NBA career.

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