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Jane Lynch and ex-wife Lara Embry remain friends after divorce

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Colorado couples who are contemplating divorce can perhaps take heart from the recent news regarding the divorce of actress and comedian Jane Lynch and psychologist Lara Embry. Their divorce appears to offer confirmation that the marriage dissolution process doesn’t have to be painful and acrimonious. Lynch and Embry recently finalized their split, and news reports indicate it was civilized and amicable. In fact, the two appear to have remained friends-they even spent some time with each other over the holidays.

Lynch and Embry were married in 2010. Lynch filed divorce papers in July of 2013. News reports indicate that Embry had requested spousal support in the amount of $93,000 per month, but the claim was turned down. The full terms of the settlement have not been disclosed, and it is not clear how much Embry received. Lynch is reportedly keeping the couple’s home, which she paid for.

Spousal support, called maintenance in Colorado and often referred to as alimony, can be a difficult issue in divorce. Where one spouse earned significantly more than the other, the lesser earning spouse can sometimes be awarded a monthly payment to help them attain financial independence.

Alimony has been the subject of some controversy in recent years. Colorado recently amended its alimony laws and established presumptive guidelines with a formula for judges to follow in setting the monthly payment amount. The formula takes 40 percent of the higher-earning spouse’s income, then subtracts 50 percent of the income of the other spouse. If the couple has children, there are additional modifications.

Whatever the outcome of the spousal maintenance issue in Lynch and Embry’s divorce, they appear to have cooperated to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. Hopefully they can now move forward without the lingering bitterness that unfortunately characterizes too many divorces.

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