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Online photos get man busted for failure to pay child support

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Colorado readers of this blog probably know that it’s a good idea to be careful about what one posts online. One man in upstate New York found this out the hard way. He posted pictures of himself on a social media site, flashing large amounts of cash. Unfortunately, he was in arrears on his child support payments to the tune of about $18,000.

The man was arrested by the local Sheriff’s department. He was jailed on charges of failure to pay child support and criminal contempt of court.

In Colorado, the courts determine monthly child support payments by applying a set of presumptive guidelines. The child support guidelines take into consideration each parent’s monthly income and the amount of time the child has with each parent. The court will also take into account which parent is paying for day care, health insurance and similar expenses.

Once a payment amount is ordered, Colorado authorities take child support enforcement seriously. A failure to pay can have serious consequences.

A parent who is obligated to pay child support and who experiences a job loss or other change of circumstances can apply to the court for a child support modification. To get a modification, the parent must show there has been a change in circumstances that is both substantial and continuing. If the guidelines are applied to the parent’s income at the time the modification is requested, and the result is a change in the monthly payment of less than 10 percent, the change in circumstances is deemed not substantial and continuing.

A parent who is having trouble meeting their monthly child support obligation should meet with a family lawyer about seeking a modification. It’s important to seek the modification before falling behind in payments.

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