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Child custody is probably the most emotionally wrenching issue in most Colorado divorces. Many parents fear what effect their divorce will have on their children’s emotional well-being. At our law firm, making sure the children will have a stable and secure relationship with both parents post-divorce is one of our highest priorities.

Colorado courts address child custody in terms of parental responsibility and parenting time. Parental responsibility refers to the right to make decisions about the child’s education, social and religious upbringing, and health care. It is very common for both parents to be awarded joint parental responsibility.

Parenting time refers to where the child will physically reside. Deciding on a parenting time schedule is often one of the most difficult negotiations in a divorce. Factors to be considered include the child’s age and emotional maturity, as well as how far apart the parents live.

Preparing a comprehensive parenting plan can help divorcing spouses reach agreement on many aspects of raising their children post-divorce. A parenting plan will typically include a parenting time schedule, but can also include agreements on things like religious upbringing, where the child will spend holidays and who will be responsible for making doctor’s appointments. It can be as simple or as complex as the parents want.

At the law firm of Shea L Burchill, P.C. we are particularly sensitive to the needs of children whose parents are going through divorce. We also understand the concerns of parents who are coping with the possibility they may no longer see their children on a daily basis. We are committed to addressing the best interests of the child at all times. For more information on our child custody practice, please visit our web page.