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Allow us to help you recover overdue alimony payments

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Once the divorce decree has been negotiated and declared each divorced person is supposed to uphold their end of the agreement. These agreements could be surrounding child custody arrangements, calculated liability payments or even alimony. Alimony (also known as spousal support or maintenance) is an allotted amount one divorced spouse is court ordered to owe another due to arrangements outlined in the divorce decree. Sometimes, the ex-spouse who owes alimony can fall behind on said maintenance payments. This is where the legal professionals at Shea L. Burchill, P.C. can assist.

If this is the case, allow us to help you recover what is legally owed to you. Each divorcing couple’s situation is different and maintenance can be assigned for a multitude of reasons. For example, alimony could be owed to a wife because of financial imbalances when the divorced couple’s income is compared. If the wife was found to have made significant and meaningful sacrifices to her education or work ability and this in turn affects her financial situation, maintenance may be owed to her by her ex-husband.

The amount owed will be determined during divorce negotiations and will be finalized by the divorce decree. This maintenance will be owed on certain days of the month just like any other common bill. However, the difference is that this money is legally owed according to the courts. There can be legal complications if these payments fall into default status. Contact us in order to get some help to recover these payments that are legally owed to you.

We know that this situation can become frustrating; especially if you are having trouble making ends meet financially. Allow us to make everything easier and recover the money you are owed. If bills are piling up and you are living paycheck to paycheck because of the default of someone else; do not just stand by. Take action in order to recover the necessary spousal support you and your family need.