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What to expect from divorce

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When a Colorado couple is in an irretrievably broken marriage, one or both spouses may decide divorce is a better option than staying together. It is important for any spouse about to go through divorce to understand what divorce can and cannot accomplish.

Divorce is a legal process to end a marriage, divide property, and provide support for one spouse if necessary. When children are involved, the family court can award custody, determine a parenting time schedule, and order one parent to pay child support.

There are a number of things a divorce proceeding cannot do. The family court cannot help a spouse with the emotional consequences of divorce. The family court cannot right every wrong done in the marriage. The end of a marriage is a traumatic experience and each spouse must deal with the grief in his or her own way. The family court cannot help parents deal with no longer having daily contact with their children. And the family court cannot guarantee relations between ex-spouses will always be civil.

Divorce often results in a lower standard of living for both spouses. The family court will work to achieve a fair asset division and will divide marital property on an equitable basis. But the court cannot change a fundamental economic reality: it is generally cheaper for two people to live together in one home than to maintain two separate households.

Knowing what to expect and what not to expect from divorce can help a spouse get through the process. An experienced family law attorney can fight for a fair settlement of the legal issues. A spouse should look to family, friends and if necessary a professional therapist for help getting through the emotional side of the process.

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