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Courtroom experience makes a difference in divorce cases

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In any type of litigation, trial experience is a big advantage. This is especially true in family law. Getting a fair result in a divorce, asset division, child custody or child support proceeding is not just a matter of filling out the right forms and filing them with the court. Sometimes a Colorado spouse or parent has to fight for their rights, and this means going to court, presenting evidence and cross-examining the other party and their witnesses.

In many cases, of course, a negotiated solution is the best way to resolve an issue and can save the client time, money and stress. But getting the result you want in negotiations usually means convincing the other side that you’re not afraid to go to court if talks break down.

Unlike many lawyers who practice divorce and family law, I know my way around a courtroom. As a former Deputy District Attorney for Weld County I gained substantial trial and litigation experience.

For over a decade I have represented residents of Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties in every area of family law. I have represented clients in high-asset divorces involving complex asset division issues, parents trying to reach agreement on custody and visitation issues, and working parents trying to collect past due child support payments. Whatever the nature of the client’s case I am committed to giving them the best service I can. You can learn more about the law offices of Shea L. Burchill, P.C. and my family law practice by visiting my web page.