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How to tell a spouse you want a divorce

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Colorado readers who’ve been through a divorce know that one of the toughest hurdles is right at the outset, when a spouse has to tell their partner they want a divorce. A recent news column gave some tips on the best way to bring up the subject.

It’s important to have some understanding of how the other spouse will react before asking for a divorce. In some cases the news will come as a shock to the other spouse; in other cases they will not be surprised and may even have been expecting it.

Choosing a time and place conducive to calm discussion is also important. There should be enough time available for both parties to talk without feeling rushed. It’s a good idea to pick a time when the kids aren’t around. It’s also best to avoid bringing up the subject of divorce when one’s spouse has just gone through a major event like losing a job.

Once the subject is out in the open, some couples may proceed right away to discussing child custody, asset division and other issues. It’s generally better, however, to postpone such discussions until each spouse has had time to meet with a lawyer. Reaching agreement too soon without fully understanding one’s legal rights can result in serious problems down the road.

When couples divorce, they have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of areas where they need to reach agreement to avoid an all-out fight. Consulting an experienced family law attorney early in the process can help a spouse protect their legal rights and property interests.

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