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Benefits of having representation during a divorce

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In today’s world the Internet has turned all of us into “do-it-yourselfers” to one degree or another. With the easy availability of information on the web, many people are tempted to tackle jobs that in the past they would have hired a professional to do. In Colorado, some spouses consider handling their divorce without a lawyer. This can be a very expensive mistake.

There are a number of reasons why hiring a lawyer for a divorce is a good idea. First, the legal system is complex and judges generally expect everyone who appears before them to understand the law and the rules of court – even those who are representing themselves. A self-represented spouse who makes a mistake in court isn’t likely to get any help from the judge – let alone from the other side.

In addition, when a person is going through a divorce they are subject to a range of emotions that can cloud their judgment. A knowledgeable divorce lawyer can be a source of objective advice at a time the client needs it most. A divorce lawyer can also recommend options and strategies, based on experience, that the client may never have even thought of.

Finally, a divorce proceeding requires a great deal of paperwork that can overwhelm the uninitiated. An experienced divorce lawyer knows what documents need to be filed and how to prepare them for maximum persuasive effect. A spouse who prepares their own paperwork runs the risk of alienating the judge if it is incomplete or contains mistaken assumptions about the law.

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