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Can a child support agreement be modified in Colorado?

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When a divorced or unmarried couple in Colorado shares a child, it is likely that one parent will have custody with the other parent paying child support. This can result in a child support dispute, with both sides having trouble coming to a consensus on the amount that is paid plus numerous other issues. Child support guidelines are in place to provide a roadmap as to how this will be dealt with, but oftentimes circumstances arise in which a supporting parent or a receiving parent would like to have the agreement modified.

When the order for child support is made, it is calculated on how much will be paid as the circumstances exist at the time. As situations change, it is legal to change the agreement. When there is a modification, the amount that is paid will be recalculated if there is a minimum of 10 percent changes when the existing order is examined. It can be 10 percent higher or lower. Changes in the paying parent’s income, the other parent’s income or an expense that makes it necessary to change the child support amount requires a new calculation. Once the calculation is done and it is a 10 percent difference, then it is possible to have the modification.

Common issues that arise that make it viable for there to be a modification include the following: an alteration in the amount of time a child spends with the parent; the parent losing a job; or a parent going back to school. Bear in mind that the change is 10 percent either higher or lower. The listed reasons for which a modification might occur do not always come to that amount. Modifications are also frequently sought if the custodial parent re-marries, but that does not matter even if the new spouse is making a good living. All that matters is the two parents of the child and their individual situations.

For parents in Colorado who share a child and are considering a modification to the child support agreement, it is important to remember the rules for such a decision to be allowed. Raising a child requires money and it is preferable if both parents make an investment toward that endeavor. When there is a concern over child support and a possible modification to the original agreement, it is usually a good idea to get more information to ensure that the modification can be pursued and is a reasonable alternative.

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