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Jane Seymour and husband finalize their divorce

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Many people in Colorado are familiar with British actress Jane Seymour. Now 64, Seymour appeared in a James Bond movie early in her career and went on to star in the long-running TV series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” among other roles.

Seymour’s latest role in real life is that of a newly divorced woman. Seymour and her fourth husband, producer and actor James Keach, finalized their divorce recently. The couple was married for over 20 years; they filed for divorce in April 2013. The divorce was reportedly very amicable, and Seymour says she and Keach remain good friends.

A review of the property settlement leaves no doubt that this was a high asset divorce. According to news reports, Seymour will keep two valuable pieces of real estate: the couple’s English estate and their house in California. She will also get a lump sum payment of $132,000. Keach will get the couple’s season tickets to Los Angeles Dodgers games.

Seymour and Keach will split some of their assets, including 200 gold coins from South Africa and Canada. They will also split future earnings from the “Dr. Quinn” series and from “Walk the Line,” which they co-produced.

When a couple with substantial wealth gets divorced, asset division can be a complicated and contentious process. Valuing property like artwork and business assets often requires professional advice. Determining what constitutes marital property can also be challenging, particularly if the couple married later in life. Working with a family law attorney who understands the issues that arise when significant property interests are at stake can be a big advantage for a spouse.

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