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The best interests of the child come first in custody matters

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For a parent, addressing child custody issues is often the most heartbreaking part of divorce. After all, although the end of a marriage can bring on feelings of grief, the fact is that you, your spouse or both of you have made the decision to split up. But when kids are involved, the awareness that they did not ask for this, and will no longer live with both parents, can be devastating for both parents and children.

Of course, you and your ex-spouse will still be parents after the divorce. The goal is to make the transition to living in separate homes as painless as possible for the children. The courts understand this, which is why the best interests of the child is the standard they apply when deciding child custody matters.

Whatever your feelings toward your soon-to-be ex-spouse, when negotiating child custody and parenting time issues, it is essential for both parents to work together to arrive at an arrangement that puts the child’s interests first. Negotiating in good faith with the child’s interests at heart also increases the likelihood that the parents will be satisfied with the outcome. When parents fail to reach an agreement, the court may end up making a decision neither parent is happy with.

At the law firm of Shea L. Burchill, P.C., we understand the emotions a parent is going through when child custody arrangements are being worked out. It is never an easy process, but I have been practicing family law exclusively for over a decade and I have a lot of experience crafting custody and parenting time plans that take into account the needs of the parent as well as the children. For more on how we can help with child custody and visitation rights issues, please visit our Longmont Child Custody Lawyer page.