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Understanding income enforcement for delinquent payments

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When a supporting parent in Colorado is confronted with accusations of a failure to pay child support, or a parent who is supposed to be receiving payments has not been getting the payments on time and in full, both must understand how the state deals with this. There are various penalties that can be assessed when the financial needs are not met. There are four tactics linked to income related enforcement and all can be used in an effort to get the payments that are owed.

Income assignment against employment wages is when Child Support Services will issue an income assignment for support that is currently and past due. The income assignment will be issued to the employer of the delinquent parent so the money can be deducted from the employee’s pay. New hire reporting means that the employers who hire a new person are required to inform the State Directory of New Hires. The employer who does business in Colorado and has a person perform duties or services for pay and for whom taxes are withheld will be viewed as an employer. The Child Support Services of Colorado will use this information to compare with those who are not meeting their obligations in paying for their children.

Unemployment compensation can also be subject to withholding if there are delinquent payments or a failure to pay child support. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment provides unemployment compensation to those who have earned it. If someone who is receiving unemployment benefits has not made the payments they are supposed to for a child, money can be deducted to meet the obligations. Workers’ compensation can also be attached. This holds true whether it is a lump sum payment or a weekly allotment.

The state takes it very seriously when there is an order for support of a child and it is not adhered to. When there is a failure to pay child support, both the supporting parent and the custodial parent need to be aware of the penalties they can face and the steps that the state will take to get the payments. From either the perspective of the supporting parent or the custodial parent, it is important to speak to a legal professional experienced in child support to deal with the situation.

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