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Divorce cases can be affected by domestic violence allegations

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There are a broad range of scenarios that could lead a person in Boulder County, Colorado to contemplate divorce. Sometimes a couple just finds that they have grown apart over the years. Other times there are serious allegations of domestic abuse that precipitate the divorce. Domestic violence is a sad reality, and it can affect famous and not-so-famous people.

The wife of Don McLean has filed for divorce from her husband, citing adultery, cruel and abusive treatment and irreconcilable differences. McLean was arrested two months ago on suspicion of domestic violence assault and other offenses. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and was prohibited from contacting his wife. Her divorce lawyer stated that McLean’s wife was benefiting from the separation.

McLean’s lawyer, on the other hand, painted a different picture of the couple’s relationship. He said that his client disagrees with his wife’s allegations. He said that McLean cares very deeply about his wife and family. McLean is a musician who is best known for the classic rock song “American Pie.”

McLean and his wife will have their day in court. Although not every high-profile couple is affected by domestic violence, they very often do have special needs when engaged in a high asset divorce case. Business assets, pensions and retirement plans all may be included in the property division. Asset valuation will be necessary in many cases to effect a property division.

It may be necessary for the court to order certain items – such as a house or car – be assigned to an individual while their divorce is pending. Courts issue use and possession orders to temporarily assign these kinds of items before the final divorce decree is issued. Divorce attorneys can provide guidance to their clients throughout this process.

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