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You need a strong advocate for divorce property division issues

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Few things in life are accompanied by such a kaleidoscope of emotions as divorce. Some people are relieved that a bad marriage will soon be over; others may be shocked and dismayed at the end of the marriage. Often, these mixed-up feelings may be experienced by the same person at different stages of the divorce process. Clearly, if you find yourself in a divorce situation, you will want to entrust your legal representation to someone who can handle it with a master hand.

Longmont family law attorney Shea L. Burchill has extensive experience helping clients with their divorces. If you and your spouse have children, she understands that their well-being will be paramount in your mind. Divorcing parties will also likely be concerned with their own welfare.

The division of property can be a complex and tumultuous process. Often, parties will feel as though they have been wronged. They may wish to use the divorce process to assign blame or absolve themselves. It is important to understand that the divorce process in Colorado usually does not work this way. Colorado adheres to no-fault principles in its divorce law, meaning that bad acts committed by a spouse do not impact the divorce’s outcome. Still, it can be important to have a strong advocate on your side during the process.

Property division can be complicated by such things as an offshore account, a 401(k) plan and large amounts of business assets. Divorcing parties will want to make sure that someone is protecting them and advocating for their interests. Shea L. Burchill can help with all issues related to divorce. For more information about our firm and about Colorado divorce law, please see our website.