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Under Colorado law, courts are to make an equitable division of the marital assets of a divorcing couple. One way this might be done is through spousal maintenance payments from one ex-spouse to the other. Spousal maintenance is also known as alimony and can be a controversial topic.

Spousal maintenance payments are made on a regular basis from one ex-spouse to the other for a period of time set out in a divorce decree. Before the divorce decree is handed down, a spouse may be awarded temporary spousal support. This lasts until the judge issues the final support orders.

There are a number of factors that judges take into consideration when setting the amount and duration of spousal maintenance payments in a divorce decree. These factors can include the length of the marriage, the attributes of the person seeking support, the financial resources of both the paying and the receiving spouse, the standard of living during the marriage and the time necessary for the receiving spouse to acquire education, training and employment.

If you are involved in a divorce, it can be a very good idea to discuss issues, such as spousal maintenance, with a qualified lawyer to protect your rights. Boulder County spousal support lawyer, Shea L. Burchill, provides comprehensive, thorough representation to people navigating the divorce process.

Parties represented, include both potential payers and potential receivers of spousal maintenance. She can help divorcing parties develop a strategy to seek spousal maintenance or to confront a spouse’s demand for spousal maintenance or both.

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