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Guiding parents through child support issues

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Parents in Colorado and elsewhere are always looking out for the best interests of their child. While this is more easily achieved when parents are together, acting as a unit to care for their child or children during a divorce can also help the divorce process. This is especially true if one parent, following dissolution, cannot meet the financial needs of the child on his or her own. Thus, it is likely that parent will seek child support from the other parent.

Although, raising a child is both rewarding and challenging at the same time, it should never be a financial burden on a parent. At Shea L Burchill, P.C., our legal team works with mothers and fathers facing difficult child support issues, helping them determine the best course of action for his or her matter. Whether one is a stay-at-home parent or the primary breadwinner in the family, it is important to access the financial situation during the divorce process.

Child supports guidelines help determine the child support payments a parent could receive. The amount reached is calculation based on both parent’s gross monthly income and the number of overnights each parent receives with the child. Some discretion can be made, and the court will consider factors, such as which parent is paying for health insurance, daycare expenses, extracurricular activities and other obligations.

Our experienced legal team has the resources and skills to work with our clients and experts to determine a fair and deserving child support amount. Whether one will owe child support payments or are seeking child support payments, it is important to gain a full financial picture. The use of experts, such as a forensic accountant, could help better assess the situation of both parties, helping to better meet the needs of the child or children involved.

To learn more, check out our child support website. Whether one is going through a divorce, seeking to modify a current support order or seeking to enforce a current order, it is likely that one has many questions about the options available. It is imperative to understand legal rights and options. This does not only protect one, but also protects the child’s interests.