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Social media during divorce and child custody

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Social media has become a fact of life. Some Coloradoans use social media sites for emotional reasons, like venting their problems and seeking advice. However, social media users run the risk of over-sharing information during the divorce or child custody process. Here is how to avoid common mistakes associated with the use of social media during the divorce and child custody process.

If one is in the middle of determining child custody, it is not wise to post something about getting drunk in the presence of their kids. This is the most basic type of overshared information that appears on social media sites, like Facebook, that can have an impact on the child custody proceedings. Other behaviors, like starting a dating profile before officially divorced, are not a good idea as it could reflect poorly during deliberations, especially if the soon-to-be exes are not amicable.

More antiquated electronic communications are similarly not immune. Email and text messages are admissible in court and could be used as evidence to prove a point by the divorcing spouse.

Accordingly, the things that one shares and says electronically can come back to haunt them. Because of this, it would be wise to censor communications during the divorce and child custody process.

Everyone says or does something impulsive from time-to-time — but it does not have to be recorded by a social media site or other electronic means. If one is worried about things that they have said or shared over social media, there are ways to downplay those words. But, it is most important to cease the behavior before making it a habit.

While some people never use social media, most have some form of an email or text message account that can record things to be used as public record. This is why everyone thinking about or going through a divorce should think twice before posting or sending disparaging comments over the internet.

The best interests of the child are always the heart of a child custody arrangement. And, as such, one should never paint themselves in a bad light because it could negatively impact a decision in a child custody decree.

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