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Can licenses be suspended for failure to pay child support?

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When a parent is ordered to pay child support in Colorado and does not do so, there are certain penalties that the state can assess to make certain that the payments are made. Some of these penalties can make it exceedingly difficult to function in both their work world as well as their leisure activities. For example, the tactic of suspending or denying licenses can be effective to compel those who are either not paying child support due to a lack of funds or are not paying as a strategy in a child support dispute to make the payments or try to negotiate for a change in the order. The failure to pay child support is taken seriously and those who are not receiving what they are supposed to need to understand that this is an alternative to get what is owed.

It is allowable for the Colorado Division of Child Support Services to seek the suspension of a driver’s license for a parent who is not paying child support. When the driver’s license is placed under suspension, the person is then required to get a Notice of Compliance from the CSS for the license to be reinstated. If the person is a professional or requires an occupational license, he or she can experience a suspension of that license due to nonpayment of child support. When this type of license is suspended, the person will also have to get a Notice of Compliance to get it reinstated.

Some people might like to hunt and fish. This too requires a license and if the person who is trying to partake in this activity as a part of their recreation or do it as a means to feed themselves and perhaps make some extra money, they will not be able to hunt or fish without their license. Delinquent payments on child support can lead to this license being suspended and it will require the same notice that is listed above to get it back. Finally, a person who owes child support might have his or her passport suspended.

Those who are not paying their child support need to know that they will face a multitude of consequences for it. Parents who are not getting the child support payments must make sure to take all the necessary steps to get what is owed. License suspensions are often a strong method toward that end. Speaking to a legal professional who is aware of all these potential options can help to get the supporting parent to make the payments.

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