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Child custody dispute where parent left U.S. heads for conclusion

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When Colorado parents decide that they will part ways, there are times when there will be a child custody dispute. It is unfortunate that some issues with child custody can expand into an all-out battle, but this is a reality that happens quite frequently. In some of these cases, it might evolve into a circumstance in which one parent moves forward with a relocation without the approval of the other parent. It might even become an international abduction. When there is a custody problem, having legal help to settle it is an imperative.

An extended child custody dispute in which the mother left the country is returning to Colorado. The mother had taken the couple’s two daughters and departed for Argentina and did so without permission from the father. They returned to the United States slightly less than one-and-a-half years ago. The children were born in Colorado and lived there with their parents before the couple’s divorce. Once they returned, the children lived with their father and the mother was granted unsupervised visitation 30 percent of the time.

The mother sought a motion to alter the child custody agreement, so she could move them to Argentina. Experts in the trial stated that this would be a negative in the children’s lives. When the divorce was completed, the mother received a short-term approval to take the children out of the U.S.

When the permit reached its expiration, the U.S. judge ordered the mother to return, and she ignored it. Argentinian courts ordered the woman to return the girls to the U.S. After four years, they were returned. A final decision in this case is forthcoming.

As this case shows, divorce and attempted relocation can cause significant problems between a couple and induce hardship on the children. Naturally, it is preferable to have an agreement between the parties that will be acceptable to both and is beneficial to the children. It is unavoidable that sometimes these situations can spiral out of control. With that in mind, it is important to have legal help from an experienced and caring attorney.

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