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Get a qualified, experienced advocate for alimony disputes

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People in Longmont no doubt know that alimony disagreements in a divorce can get unpleasant. Sometimes, the private details of a marriage may be revealed and discussed. Emotions can run high.

Courts in the state of Colorado do not have any set guidelines to follow when deciding whether alimony should be awarded and, if so, how much should be awarded. Therefore, a certain baseline level of certainty that arguably exists for child support does not exist for the awarding of spousal support.

This means that a Longmont spouse involved in an alimony dispute would be well-advised to have a qualified, experienced advocate on their side. Shea L. Burchill is just such an advocate. Ms. Burchill has more than a decade of experience representing husbands and wives in alimony disputes. She has extensive trial and courtroom experience, and she represents spouses who are requesting spousal support and those facing demands for spousal support.

In Colorado, a spouse can request temporary spousal support that lasts until the final divorce decree is handed down. Spousal support attorney Shea L. Burchill is quite familiar with this process and is prepared to represent the best interests of her clients. She also advises and represents spouses who are seeking a spousal support modification.

When reviewing a request for support, judges in Colorado consider a number of factors, including the financial resources of the parties, the standard of living during the marriage, the length of the marriage and more. Shea L. Burchill can craft and present legal arguments tailored to these factors. She can be contacted by telephone or online. For more information, please see her website.