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Child support issues for self-employed and stay-at-home parents

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There are many different issues that will need to be addressed in almost every Colorado divorce, such as property division, alimony and child custody. Any issue in a divorce has the potential to get contentious, but among all of the possibilities, it is child support disputes that can come with the most rancor. A child support order is usually a long-term financial commitment, which means a party that is ordered to pay child support will attempt to fight to keep the ordered amount as low as possible.

And, on the other hand, the party that will be receiving the child support obviously has an interest in making sure that the ordered amount is sufficient enough to meet many of the child’s financial needs. The every day expenses of raising a child can add up quickly.

For Colorado residents who are self-employed or who are stay-at-home parents, child support issues in a divorce can take on a particular significance. A stay-at-home parent may not be earning an income, but the court could make a determination that said parent has the ability to earn a certain level of income. For self-employed people, income can fluctuate greatly, making it difficult to determine a monthly level of child support that is appropriate.

At our law firm, we work with our clients who are self-employed or who are stay-at-home parents to do our best to help resolve their child support issues in a favorable fashion. Anyone who wants to learn more about how our law firm may be able to help can visit the child support section of our website.