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How can a Colorado parent make child support payments?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Quite a few children in Boulder County depend on child support payments to cover everyday expenses such as food, clothing and school supplies. Everyone knows that child support payments should be made. What isn’t so well-known is exactly how a child support payment can be made. This blog post will deal with this important topic.

The Colorado Department of Human Services offers a number of payment options to child-support-paying parents. First, parents may pay child support online using their bank account. They can also make payments over the phone. For parents who prefer to pay in cash, there are payment centers available at many convenience stores and large retailers. There are also options available for those who prefer to pay with a credit card or debit card. It is also possible to mail in a payment.

There are also payment options that allow employers to make child support payments on behalf of their employees. Employers can make payments online, with a credit card or debit card or by mailing a payment in.

Parents may wonder how the amount of a child support obligation is determined. This is done using a complex financial calculation related to the parents’ employment status and income. For some parents, doing these calculations is easy. For other parents, especially for those with self-employment income, it can be a lot harder. Sometimes it is desirable to use forensic accountants to figure out the gross monthly income for self-employed parents. Regardless of a parent’s employment status, a family law attorney can make a forceful case on behalf of Boulder County parents.