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Child custody orders should serve the child’s best interests

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When parents in Colorado go through a divorce the details of their children’s lives can be left up in the air. Moving from one parent’s house to the other on a new schedule may disrupt the children’s routines and leave them uncertain about their futures. Many children throughout Colorado have to adapt to child custody arrangements that were promulgated by family law courts during their parents’ divorces, so it is important that such arrangements truly serve the needs of the kids they are intended to support.

Child custody agreements and orders should seek to serve the best interests of the child they are created for. As every child’s interests are different, however, it is impossible for a standardized custody order or agreement to work for every family or child. While some divorcing parents may thrive with joint custody arrangements that allow the parents to share in the legal and physical responsibilities of the child, others may need their family courts to establish sole custody and visitation arrangements to protect the needs of the child.

At the law firm of Shea L. Burchill, Longmont residents will find a zealous advocate for their family law legal needs. These needs may include negotiating a child custody agreement, providing evidence of a child’s requirements to the court and opposing another parent’s request for a child custody plan that does not support the interests of the child.

A divorce can complicate the lives of the parties to the marital dissolution. It can also create chaos and uncertainty in the lives of the children whose parents decide to separate. The law firm of Shea L. Burchill is prepared to work with divorcing parents to advocate for the child custody and support arrangements that provide their kids with the best post-marriage life possible to support their best interests.