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Valentine’s Day marked by both proposals and divorce filings

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Beginning shortly after Thanksgiving, Colorado residents may have noticed an increase in jewelry commercials airing during their favorite primetime shows. Many of those commercials featured happy couples sharing special moments that ended with proposals of marriage and gleeful acceptances capped off with the placing of rings on the women’s fingers. The holidays are a popular time for the partners to couples to solidify their commitments to each other and prepare for marriage. Less well known, though, is that the holidays are also a time when many couples choose to end their marriages.

Valentine’s Day, in particular, has become a popular time for people to have their spouses served with divorce papers. February 14 is in the middle of what some refer to as the “divorce season,” which lasts for the first three months of the New Year. After the winter holidays, some individuals find that they are no longer happy with where their marriages have gone and desire to start the process of ending their relationships once the calendar turns over.

Regardless of the time of year a person decides to file for divorce it is a complicated process to endure. The emotional strain of separating a family, negotiating over property and determining how to co-parent children in two separate households can be intensely overwhelming. Whether a couple must work through a complex high asset divorce or a straightforward and agreed upon dissolution of their union they can benefit from securing their own divorce attorneys.

Divorce attorneys help individuals understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to ending a marriage. They advocate for their clients’ needs when they must appear in court or negotiate with their clients’ soon-to-be ex-spouses. Moreover, they provide their clients with the legal guidance they need to make informed decisions about their futures. Whether their divorces initiates during the divorce season or after it comes to an end, readers of this family law blog who wish to learn more about divorce in Colorado are asked to consult with their divorce attorneys to have their specific legal questions answered.

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