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Alimony can be essential to moving forward after divorce

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In Colorado, people take a lot of pride in becoming self-made men and women. However, rarely does an individual meet his or her path to success completely on their own. Often the support of a loving spouse is necessary to allow that individual to make the personal sacrifices they need in order to achieve their goals.

This story often plays out with the success-driven spouse working tirelessly outside of the home while the other spouse attends to matters of necessity for their family. Often a spouse who chooses not to work in an income-paying job does not cease to work; rather, that partner’s contributions to the vitality of the marriage come in the day-to-day execution of responsibilities like house work, cooking, and raising children.

These are not small tasks and to say that a spouse who stays home does not work is an insult to the men and women who help their families with their unpaid dedication. When couples divorce, it is possible for stay-at-home spouses to secure financial support from their ex-partners so they may continue to thrive and have their financial needs met when the partners who formerly supported them are no longer present.

Alimony is not charity. It is an earned right of spousal support that prevents a hard-working stay-at-home spouse from falling into financial ruin in the wake of a divorce. Attorney Shea L. Burchill knows that asking for financial help can be hard for some, but zealously advocates for clients who need alimony to survive the ends of their marriages. Readers who are interested in learning more about alimony and other important divorce and family law topics are invited to visit the law firm of Shea L. Burchill online at their convenience.