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Can I get alimony from my ex if I have a job?

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There are a number of factors that a Colorado court will look at when deciding if a party should be awarded alimony after a divorce. Primarily, the court will assess if the party requesting support can take care of themselves without the other spouse’s income and if the spouse who would be responsible for the alimony payments can afford to make them while taking care of themselves as well.

Having a job may not be an absolute bar, therefore, to a requesting spouse’s chances of receiving alimony. Consider, for example, a marriage in which one spouse earns a high income that financially supports the couple while the other works a lower paying, part-time job but manages the needs of their household. After their divorce the lower-earning spouse may maintain their job but may not be able to afford housing, food, and other basic needs on that meager income. In such a case a court may grant that individual’s request for alimony if the other facts of the case support such an action.

In addition to a requesting party’s income and a paying party’s ability to provide financial support, a court will often look at the length of a couple’s marriage when deciding if alimony is appropriate. It may also consider the standard of living that the couple experienced during the marriage.

As every couple lives a different marriage, every assessment of a party’s request for alimony after a divorce will be different, too. The circumstances of a case may support or refute a party’s request for financial help from an ex-partner, and family law attorneys can counsel their clients on the possible outcomes they will face if they choose to pursue alimony.