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Can I ask for more child support for my child’s medical needs?

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Some insurance plans cover all of a child’s regular medical costs, such as those associated with well-child visits and normal medical care. However, when a Colorado child suffers an unexpected illness or injury, they may have to see a doctor or medical specialist outside of routine appointments. These extraordinary costs may be uninsured or result in expenses that the child’s insurance plan does not cover.

When a child’s medical needs are not covered by insurance, their parents have to pay those associated costs out of pocket. Depending on the child’s condition and needed treatments, those out of pocket costs can rise quickly and leave a custodial parent with a number of medical bills they are not prepared to pay. When the medical needs of a child change, it is often appropriate for a parent to seek a modification to the child support order or agreement that governs payment terms from the noncustodial parent.

Readers of this blog are reminded that the contents of this post are not offered as legal advice, and as such, they should discuss their child support concerns with their family law attorneys. But, since it is in the best interests of the child to have their medical bills paid and health care needs addressed in a timely manner parents who have had to bear the burden of extraordinary out of pocket medical bills for their kids can often make strong cases for having their kids’ support payments augmented.

No one wants their child to suffer a medical crisis, but unfortunately, some kids do face medical accidents and complications when they are young. To ensure that they are provided with the best care possible children who require additional child support to cover the costs of their medical needs can often secure the support they need to child support order or agreement modifications.