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Television star files for divorce from spouse of four years

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Keeping a marriage together can take a lot of work and while only the partners to each ending marriage know exactly why their union must dissolve, it is important to remember that a divorce can strike relationships between individuals of all socioeconomic levels. In fact, while money can be a factor that causes stress and concern, some Colorado marriages may be a factor that brings down other committed marital unions.

Recently, a popular actor from the television program, “Grey’s Anatomy'” chose to file for divorce from his wife of four years. Jesse Williams cited irreconcilable differences in his divorce paperwork, a no-fault divorce option available in the jurisdiction where he chose to pursue the dissolution of his marriage. However, Williams enjoys notoriety from his roles on a successful television program, his personal life succumbed to divorce, just as many others have before him.

Williams is famous, and he will have to deal with many of the same divorce-related decisions that everyday people must confront when their marriages end. He and his soon-to-be ex-wife share two small children, and they will have to negotiate child custody and support matters as they separate their lives. In addition, depending upon his wife’s earning capacity, one of them may have to pay the other spousal support after they finalize their divorce.

And, Williams and his partner will separate what they own during the property division phase of their divorce. Along with a host of other important legal and personal decisions with the help of family law attorneys, they will take the necessary steps to untie the legal binds that hold their lives together and law the groundwork for beginning new lives as single people.

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