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One may pursue financial maintenance from an ex

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A flood of questions and concerns can dominate a Boulder County resident’s mind when they decide to file for divorce. For example, they may wonder how their kids will take the news of their ending marriage or if they will be able to manage on their own. They may have concerns about their soon-to-be ex-spouse causing problems for them during the divorce process.

Divorce is a difficult process, even when the partners to the ending marriage agree that dissolution is the right path for both of them. They may not agree on how to divide time with their kids or how to separate the property they acquired during the tenure of their relationship. They may argue about money, which is a critical divorce topic for those who will require financial maintenance in the wake of their ending marriages.

In some cases, both partners to a marriage may be financially solvent on their own and may be able to move forward after divorce without any further financial arrangements. In other cases, one partner may be financially disadvantaged due to their role in the marriage and may require spousal support from the other, so that they may be able to get on their feet, once their marriage is over.

Attorney, Shea L. Burchell, is available to consult with Colorado residents who wish to learn more about spousal support and how it may help them as they transition from married to single life. There are a variety of factors that the courts may assess when determining if a person should receive financial maintenance from their ex and during one-on-one meetings with her clients attorney. Burchell can provide them with the legal guidance and information they need to make educated decisions about the divorce process unfolding before them. A divorce generally will not be easy, but knowledgeable attorneys, like Shea L. Burchell can help smooth out the process for individuals facing concerns about their futures.