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Political power couple files for divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Uncategorized |

There is no formula that a person can use to determine if their marriage will withstand the test of time. Couples from all social and economic backgrounds file for divorce in Colorado each and every year and each couple brings with it to court the unique challenges that pushed their marriages to their ends.

Recently, the spouses to a well-known Colorado couple decided that it was time to end their relationship. Cynthia Coffman, who serves as the state’s attorney general, and Mike Coffman, who represents Coloradoans in the United States House of Representatives, elected to file for divorce. The political couple began their marriage more than a decade ago.

Both members of the Coffman marriage hold high power jobs that subject them to scrutiny by the public that they serve. As they work toward ending their legal relationship it is likely that they will continue to see their names appear in the media, though those reports may concern their personal struggles over their political aspirations and accomplishments.

Divorces between the parties to highly visible couples and high asset couples can be particularly contentious as the parties work to prove who provided for whom as each attained higher and higher levels within the chosen fields. The division of their assets can be difficult if they own together businesses, real property or investments that are structured for protection and not division.

Like others who choose to divorce the spouses to the Coffman marriage may hire family law attorneys to support them through their marital dissolutions. Divorce attorneys can provide highly visible and high asset clients with the representation they need to protect their interests while achieving much sought after divorces.

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