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Last week, this family law blog discussed the very personal and very emotional saga that a popular musician had to pursue in order to win custody of his young son. From the rich and famous to the hard working Coloradoans who do what they can to make ends meet, anyone can find themselves embroiled in a child custody battle if they cannot find an agreement with their children’s other parent. Like other types of family law disputes, child custody cases can be draining and emotionally taxing and can leave participants with legal agreements and orders that do not reflect their wishes and needs.

Colorado courts generally will pursue child custody resolutions that provide for the best interests of the children that will be subject to their orders. However, in order for a court to make such a ruling, it must have all of the facts and information that truly reflect what a child needs in order to thrive. Parents know their children best, and as such parents and their attorneys can be powerful advocates in child custody cases so that the children’s needs are made the highest priority.

Attorney Shea L. Burchill fights for her clients in child custody cases so that her clients may continue to provide their children with the love and support they require even after their parents have separated, divorced, or otherwise ended their relationships. Her family law firm is dedicated to providing its clients with the specialized representation that their cases require so that they may pursue the most positive resolutions possible to their legal matters.

Being a parent is hard, but being a parent who may lose custody of their children is practically impossible. Legal advocates like Shea L. Burchill give their child custody clients a fighting chance to preserve the most important relationships that they will ever have: those with their children.