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Raising a child in Colorado is expensive. Aside from meeting a child’s basic needs by keeping a roof over their head, food on their plates and clothing on their bodies, parents must make sure their children have what they need to be successful in school and the other activities they participate in. For parents of children who are not yet of school age, finding and securing adequate child care can be a great expense that is necessary so that the parent may work.

Having a child in one’s home can require a parent to have a bigger residence than they would otherwise need if they lived on their own. It may necessitate buying a larger vehicle that can safely transport a child. It may cost a parent more in health insurance and other expenses to make sure a child can go to a doctor and receive medical care whenever they require it.

Meeting all of the needs that a child has is both time consuming and expensive. Parents who are doing this important job on their own should know that their children may have rights to receive financial support from their other parents. For example, in situations where parents are divorced or where both parents acknowledge a child is theirs in an unmarried relationship the parent who does not have custody of the child may be required to provide child support.

Child support is the payment of money from one parent to the other for the care and maintenance of their shared kids. Attorney Shea L. Burchill is an advocate for parents who believe their former partners have an obligation to help support their children and help those kids lead good lives. Requesting child support and then having orders of support can be difficult for parents to do, but attorney Burchill and her staff are available to discuss child support options with their family law clients.