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Will I receive enough alimony to maintain my standard of living?

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Although divorce is a legal process it affects more than a person’s status as single or married. It may wage an emotional war on their energy and happiness and it may significantly change the way that they look at their assets and money. In Colorado marital couples that choose to divorce must divide up their property, figure out how they will share their children, and in some cases determine if either of them should receive financial support from the other after their divorce is finalized.

Alimony may be awarded if one spouse will be economically disadvantaged after their marriage ends. To this end, one goal of alimony can be to help a financially disadvantaged individual maintain their marital standard of living. However, this goal is only one consideration that courts make when deciding if alimony is appropriate during a particular divorce case and this post will discuss a few of the other factors that may persuade a court to allow alimony for a disadvantaged spouse.

For example if a couple has been married for a long duration of time and the financially disadvantaged spouse has foregone gainful employment in order to take care of the couple’s family then a court may weigh in favor of alimony to help the less financially strong party. Additionally if a spouse requesting alimony suffers from a mental or physical ailment that may prevent them from securing gainful employment then a court may be sympathetic to their alimony wishes.

While in some cases a court may award a party sufficient alimony to maintain their standard of living after divorce this is not the ultimate end goal of an alimony award. Every alimony case will be decided on its own facts and as such it is important for readers to talk to their divorce attorneys about their alimony questions and options for requesting financial support.