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Don’t try to handle child custody matters alone

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A divorce is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can go through. From the emotional impact to the great uncertainty involved, there are many elements of the situation that are hard to cope with. When children are involved, however, all of that stress and uncertainty can be magnified.

In complicated child custody disputes, the court examines several different considerations. These can included the wants of each parent, the wants of the child (if he or she is mature enough to make such wants known), the child’s connection to the community, the mental and physical health of all involved and many more.

Because these factors can differ from court to court, it’s important to have the guidance of an experienced attorney. Shea L. Burchill, P.C., understands these nuances and approaches each case with the tailored focus it so rightfully deserves. With more than a decade of experience in such matters, our firm knows the stresses and uncertainties involved, but also knows how to manage those feelings to construct a solid plan of legal action. Since matters of parenting responsibility allow you to make decisions on several aspects of your child’s life – choices you make to enhance their life – you deserve to have experienced and skilled assistance.

Going through a divorce is never easy. You want the best for your child or children and proper guidance and assistance can help work toward that optimal outcome. Don’t let the stresses and fears of going through a divorce get in the way of protecting your rights as a parent. For more information, please visit our child custody page.