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Singer’s ex-husband seeks spousal support modification

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Alimony |

Readers of our Boulder County Divorce Law Blog are familiar with questions surrounding one spouse’s legal obligation to continue to support the other after a divorce. How much spousal support must one pay, and for how long, are important to be aware of during the divorce process. However, even after the separation has been finalized and payments begin, it may be possible to request changes to alimony payments, under certain circumstances.

A recent example of this very phenomenon involves singer Mary J. Blige and her former husband and manager, Kendu Isaacs. Isaacs was awarded $30,000 per month in spousal support after their divorce last summer. Recently, however, he has claimed that several songs on Blige’s last album were negative songs about him specifically and that they were so detrimental to his career that he is unable to earn an income.

Isaacs has claimed to have suffered a negative impact as a result of Blige’s alleged negative songs on his standard of living. Unable to work, he has moved from the couple’s multi-million dollar home into a small apartment. Arguing that Blige makes over $275,000 per month, he is asking a judge to more than double the amount he receives from her in alimony.

Even here in Colorado, it may be possible for a divorced partner to ask for a spousal support modification if that person’s circumstances change in a substantial way that is likely to persist. The likelihood of actually obtaining the desired modification will improve with the assistance of a legal professional experienced in this field, who can present a strong case for the modification to a judge.

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