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What child custody can look like after divorce

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All relationships have their ups and downs. Starting a family is certainly a positive and exciting event for married couples in Colorado. And to go with the up, comes one of the most devastating downs, which is divorce. With the national divorce rate hanging around 50 percent, many married couples are aware of this potential fate. However, no statistic or fact can prepare divorcing parents for the difficulties divorce and child custody can have on them.

Child custody can look very different from family to family. This is not only based on specific factors related to each parent but also the best interests of the child. Whether parents arrive at a custody arrangement on their own or the court system assists, it is important to be well informed regarding custody types and what rights are afforded to each parent.

Physical custody of the child must be determined. This could be joint or sole; however, whoever is awarded this right is in charge of providing care for the child on a daily basis. In matters where sole physical custody is granted to one parent, the other parent is likely awarded visitation rights. Typically, that parent gets the child on weekends, certain days or during holidays. This could also result in that parent obtaining shared legal custody of the child. This means both parents have the right to make decisions for the child.

Finally, when a parent is awarded sole custody, this means that parent is awarded exclusive physical and legal custody of the child. In other words, the child lives with this parent and this parent has the right to make decisions for the child. Such a situation could occur if the other parent is found unfit or incapable of taking care of the child.

Divorce can be a very difficult time for families; however, parents are faced with making challenging decisions when it comes to establishing an appropriate custody arrangement. Because this often leads to disputes, it is important to consider your legal options and how a legal professional could aid you during this process.

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