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Can income be withheld for delinquent child support payments?

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People who are obligated to pay child support in Colorado might not make their payments. This can come about for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why this is the case and unless they have taken steps to modify their child support order, they remain responsible for making their child support payments. If they fail to do so, they could face allegations of delinquent payments and face the consequences. One strategy that the state uses to get the payments is income related enforcement. There are several ways this can be done.

The Colorado Child Support Services (CSS) can seek an income assignment against employment wages for payments that are owed. With income assignment, the payments will be deducted from the person’s paycheck or other income. CSS checks wage data and employer’s “new hire reports” to see if the parent is working and move forward from there. Since employers are required to register their employees with the State Directory of New Hires, the parent will inevitably be found so the collections on the delinquent child support payments can begin.

Supporting parents who are not working will often receive Unemployment Compensation Benefits (UCB). This will also be checked by CSS and if there are payments going to the delinquent parent, the amount owed can be deducted so the child will receive the support. The law requires that this be done. Finally, if a person is receiving workers’ compensation benefits, this too can be attached so the child support will be paid. This is true whether the person got the workers’ compensation in a lump sum or is getting it on a weekly basis.

For parents who are not getting the child support they were ordered to receive, it is imperative to take the necessary steps to get the delinquent payments for the child’s best interests. Failure to pay child support is a serious matter and the supporting parent will be compelled to pay one way or the other. For help, a lawyer who is experienced in all aspects of child support should be contacted.

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