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Colorado mother faces criminal charges after fleeing with child

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Child Custody |

When there is a child custody dispute, the situation can sometimes get out of hand with the noncustodial parent taking matters into their own hands and deciding to flee with the child. This can lead to criminal charges and a whole host of problems for the parent who committed this act. In some instances, it can even go beyond failing to return the child at the designated time or leaving the state and turn into an international abduction case. For noncustodial parents who are unhappy with the child custody agreement or custodial parents and non-parents who have legal custody who have concerns about an abduction, it is important to have legal assistance.

A 19-year-old mother fled Colorado with her 1-year-old son. The woman does not have custody of the child. She was found in Arizona. She and the child were safe. According to law enforcement, she is alleged to have taken the child from the home where the court had ordered him to live and fled.

There was no Amber Alert because law enforcement did not think the child was in imminent danger, and he does not have medical problems. The woman was arrested on violating child custody laws. It is a felony. The child is safe.

Child custody cases can be complex and emotional. This can cause people who are generally law-abiding to commit acts they otherwise would not. Abducting a child — even if it is the person’s own child — is against the law. Those who believe they should have custody of a child, would like to have the right to spend more time with the child, or have other issues with the agreement must remember the best interests of the child are paramount.

When there is a consideration of absconding with a child, it might be possible to have a child custody modification instead of taking that drastic step. For the custodial parent or those entrusted with the care of a child, it is similarly important to have legal help to deal with the matter before it becomes a criminal issue involving alleged kidnapping.

The woman in this case was arrested after she left Colorado with her infant son and fled to Arizona. The case is a felony making it problematic for her in the future if she seeks custody of the child. When parents are in the middle of a child custody dispute – even one that is contentious – legal assistance is essential to avoid making a mistake and worsening the situation.

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