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Understanding child support guidelines and factors considered

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Child support is known to be one of the key issues when a Colorado couple ends a relationship. It is rare that a parent does not want what is best for his or her child and ensuring that the child’s needs are fulfilled with child support is part of that. However, there are often questions about child support guidelines, the reason for the amount that is ordered, and what factors are considered when the decision is made. Having a grasp of these issues is imperative whether it is an amicable case in which the parents are deciding on child support or there is a child support dispute.

The basic child support obligations and the guidelines that are in place to have a state policy on how children should be supported based on the parents’ financial circumstances; to award an equitable amount with consistent treatment for parents based on their situations; and to make certain of efficiency by encouraging couples to settle and allow courts to have a baseline in what will be awarded. The adjusted gross incomes of the parents will be used to calculate the child support. It will be adjusted based on the child’s needs with such issues as medical expenses, child care costs and other matters factored in. An amount will be allocated for each parent to pay for the child’s physical care.

When the court decides on child support, there are factors that will be considered including: the child’s financial resources; the custodial parent’s financial resources; the standard of living there would have been had the couple remained together; the needs of the child in an educational, physical and emotional context; and the financial resources and requirements of the noncustodial parent.

For parents who have parted ways and have issues related to the child support amount, knowing the child support guidelines and how the law accounts for certain factors is imperative. A legal professional who understands all aspects of child support can be of assistance when dealing with a case at any juncture.

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