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Getting the right help with child support in Colorado

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Child Support |

Divorce can be difficult for couples in Colorado, but there are times when it is necessary. Along with a divorce will come other issues that must be navigated. One that often arises for discussion and disagreement is child support. For the parents, it is imperative that they understand how the best interests of the child are paramount.

The financial needs of the child must be met and care must be provided. However, a vast number of parents are not fully up to date regarding how child support is determined and what happens if the supporting parent does not make the necessary payments. When the state determines child support, it uses the gross monthly income and how many times the child will spend the night at the parents’ respective residences. It is also important to consider health care costs, if daycare is needed and its costs and other financial necessities.

Parents will have different occupations, hours, incomes and financial circumstances. Some might have been stay-at-home parents whose work experience is limited and, if they plan to get into the workforce, will need training and schooling. This must be considered when there is a child support order. In more difficult cases, the parents could be in dispute about a multitude of issues and there might be disagreement as to the amount of money one or both parents have. This is when examining financial records becomes necessary.

Given the litany of factors that come to the forefront in a child support case, having legal assistance is critical. An experienced law firm can handle the important issues that come up and help the client with trying to get a solid outcome not just for the parent, but for the child as well. Contacting a lawyer is the first step when addressing child support.