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Important points about child support for service members

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Child Support |

It is not unusual for Colorado parents who are paying or receiving child support to also be part of the U.S. armed forces as reservists or in the U.S. National Guard. Understandably, both parents – the supporting parent and the custodial parent – will have concerns about how the payments will be made in such a circumstance. The CSS (Colorado Office of Child Support Services) knows that people who are called to duty during these troublesome times in the U.S. could have various issues regarding the support. Knowing how the CSS handles this is key.

For those who owe $2,500 or more in delinquent payments, their passport could be withheld until they are up-to-date on their payments – this can be an issue if they are called overseas. With income withholding, parents whose payments are made via this method should know they can transfer the withholding from their civilian job to the Department of Defense (DFAS) so the payments will be made as normal. The civilian employer should be asked to inform CSS of the last day in which the person worked, how much they made on the final paycheck, the date, and how many dependents were enrolled on the health insurance plan.

For many, being called to active duty will require a review and adjustment of the payments as they will be earning less than normal. This is applicable for those who are active for more than 30 days. The change in income might be viewed as a substantial change in circumstances warranting a change to the support order. This will take place if there is a difference of at least 10 percent in the wages. With medical support, the parent might have been ordered to provide it to the child. If this has not been done, the CSS might ask that the military enroll the child in its health care plan.

There are many factors that go into how child support is handled and a sensitive issue is when there is a parent serving the country while paying or receiving child support. The state does its best to handle these issues with care. If there are needs or concerns from either party, having legal assistance is paramount to dealing with the matter. A law firm that is experienced in all aspects of child support and the child support guidelines can help with any situation, including ones related to military service.