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What are extraordinary adjustments to child support in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | Child Support |

When a child support order is made in Colorado, it is not set in stone that it will remain the same for its duration until the child is no longer in need of support. Various changes can take place that will make it necessary for the child support order to be adjusted. For parents who are facing certain circumstances, there might be what is known as extraordinary adjustments to the schedule of basic child support. Knowing what must happen for this to take place will allow parents to be prepared and deal with it should it arise.

If there are expenses that are deemed necessary and reasonable for the child and the parties either agree or are ordered by the court to pay, the parents will divide the payments between them based on their adjusted gross income. This will include the following: expenses for the child to attend a special school or a private elementary or secondary school to meet his or her educational requirements; and if there are expenses to transport the child or the child and an accompanying parent if the child is younger than 12 and he or she is going from one parent’s home to the other.

Other factors could reduce the child’s basic needs and might lead to the basic child support obligation being reduced. A parent getting disability benefits on behalf of a dependent child or a disabled or retired noncustodial parent getting benefits can also impact how the child support order will be determined. The amount the parent gets in benefits will lead to a commensurate reduction in the child support obligation and it can impact when a noncustodial parent is behind in the payments as it can be used to offset what is owed.

Calculating child support and serving the child’s financial needs is a necessity when a couple has parted ways and they have a child. Many factors go into how much is paid and it can be changed depending on the situation. When parents are concerned about child support either as a supporting or receiving parent, it is imperative to have legal assistance from a lawyer who understands these issues.