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What if a child support dispute has parents in different states?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Child Support |

It is an unfortunate reality that when child support is ordered in Colorado, there will be situations where the supporting parent is late with the payments, does not make the payments in full, or does not make the payments at all. While there are steps Child Support Enforcement will take to get these payments, one child support dispute issue that is more complex is when the parents reside in different states. Understanding how CSE deals with this is key to getting those payments.

At the end of a marriage, it is not uncommon for one of the parents to move elsewhere. With child support, the parent who is not getting the payments has recourse to get those payments. The case will determine how it is addressed. For some, the state can treat it as if it is an in-state case. Other cases will require that CSE seek assistance from the other state for child support.

When it is an interstate case, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) is used. With UIFSA, borders between states will not limit the ability of the state in which the order was issued from seeking the child support payments and enforcing an order. States can enforce orders that were issued in a different state as well. The agencies overseeing the case are required to assist one another. It is important to remember that the other state’s regulations, laws and procedures will take be critical to the case. When there is a request from CSE to get assistance from another state in a child support case, the specific agency in Colorado will run it. It must communicate with the other state and whomever opened the case.

The best interests of the child are the main goal to be served when there is a child support order. If the payments are not made, it can cause problems for the custodial parent and the child. This is made more complicated if the supporting parent is in another state. A law firm that specializes in family law and child support will explain how UIFSA can be used to get the child support payments and help with the case.